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Welcome to Sunshine City!

This is a shopping site, but probably not like anything you've seen before.

Why is it here? Because we wanted to build a site that was very different from the "big four" type sites - Amazon, Google, Facebook, Ebay - that offered a wide range of good products (and often at very good prices) from firms based in the UK.

But also to cater for the "eclectic" shopper - if you want all the flowers in your garden to be orange, or if you want all the furniture in your bedroom to be grey - that's the sort of shopping you can do here, swiftly and easily, all in one place.

Check out garden - orange or home - grey.

Yes, we realise this is an unconventional approach :) but there's an extraordinary selection of things to choose from. Likewise you can "shop on a budget" - want to spend a maximum of 5 on a gift? Everything in HOME and GARDEN is sequenced by price - lowest first - and both areas have a page where you can choose the price range you're looking for.

We hope you might enjoy browsing through the many thousands of items on offer in HOME and GARDEN - everything else (electronics, cosmetics, flowers, lighting, ironmongery, fabrics, cutlery, crockery, tools, white goods, electricals, wallpaper and a whole lot more) is sold by the UK-based stores on the STORES page.

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