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Welcome to Sunshine City! We've just re-designed the site (again), this time to focus on our most popular areas, BEDROOMS and GARDENS.   Everything else (electronics, cosmetics, flowers, lighting, ironmongery, fabrics, cutlery, crockery, tools, white goods, electricals, wallpaper and a whole lot more) is sold by the UK-based firms on our STORES page.



Sunshine City is not a "conventional" shopping site. Everything here is ordered by *price* (lowest price first), and there's also a price page (for if you want a specific price range, eg around 10 for a gift). There are also pages that allow you to shop by colour (eg pink, blue, purple, whatever) or other factor - eg see the amazing space-saving grafted trees - if you're looking for unusual gifts, you're in the right place.

The stores in our virtual shopping centre are chosen on the basis of being reputable firms partnered with respected affiliate channels, along with offering good prices and loads of bargains.   You may be surprised at the sheer range of items we offer.

Penny     4th March 2018

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